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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hurt Feelings

“I love you” the power wielded by those 3 little words is phenomenal. They can make your heart soar or make it sink like a cement pair of shoes. I was at the tail end of a phone convo with a friend yesterday when he said “I have something to tell you” and then he laid it on me, “Mia I love you” and quickly hung up on me. He gave me no time to react. For the first couple of seconds I just sat there dumbfounded staring at my phone. I’ve suspected he’s been crushing on me for awhile but love? Where the heck did that come from?

I've had a few instances of friends crushing on me in the past and I’ve learned if you leave it alone it will pass. Eventually the person figures out I’m not the best thing since free cable and moves on. When I was younger it was easier to dismiss someone’s declaration of love. I’d say, “thank you” and then explain to them in a really soft and fuzzy way that I wasn’t interested in them that way. Now that I am older I find it harder. I hate hurting people. Despite my lack of reciprocation the emotions they feel are real to them at that moment and it breaks my heart a little to tell them I don’t feel the same.

It was so much easier when I was a kid; someone would pass you a folded note during math class that read, “I like you. Do you like me?” and at the bottom there’d be a yes or no box you had to check. If you checked "No" they'd pass it on to the girl next to you and there were no hurt feelings.

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