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Friday, April 20, 2007

Where's Waldo?

My aunt Nora called with bad news about her pregnancy. Over the weekend she had started spotting and went to the doctor. She was told that she miscarried. There were tests done that indicated that her pregnancy hormone levels were disappearing. Then the doctor said that he couldn’t find the embryo just the empty sack. She went back to the doctor for a follow-up yesterday and was told that her pregnancy hormone levels were back up but there is still no trace of the embryo…

Mom: What the hell you mean he can’t find the baby?

Nora: Mags that’s what he said he cant find the embryo just the sack.

Mom: Nora what the fluck?! What the hell did the embryo step put of the sack for a walk or something? Tell him to check and see if there’s a little sign tacked up to your uterus wall that says BRB or something. Okay so what’s going on then?

Nora: I don’t know he says it might be too early to tell.

Mom: Are you serious? You’re like what 6 weeks already? How is it too early? These days they have over the counter pregnancy tests that can tell if you’re pregnant the minute the sperm breaches security and this man can’t tell us if you’re still pregnant? Carajo what crap is that? How about we see another doctor eh ? A second opinion wouldn’t hurt here.

Nora: Mags you know I don’t feel comfy with doctors. I’ve been seeing him for years. I have to come back to see him on Friday. He’s going to look for the embryo again.

Mom: How are you feeling sweetheart?

Nora: I’m tired and run down to tell you the truth. I wish I could go home for a rest.

Home to Nora is our house. It’s the place she runs to when she needs a break from life. She comes and crashes with me in my room and we stay up late refusing to let my mom go to bed until she sneaks away and passes out on the sofa from exhaustion. It's always like a two week slumber party. Then of course there's the greatest cooking known to man because Mom and Nora attack the kitchen hard core whipping up Sparab (Spanish-Arab) meals. I guess in a way it takes her back to the years when she used to live with us. She always says those were the happiest years of her life. However this time she can’t run “home”. Her mother-in-law has been visiting from Egypt so Nora has to stay put .

Mom: I just had an idea! How about I knit a little stripped sweater and a red cap and you give it to the doctor? We’ll ask him to slip it on Waldo when he finally locates him. That way we can spot Waldo easily from now on.

Nora: Waldo?

Mom: Remember those books Mia liked when she was little “Where’s Waldo?”

Nora: Oh yeah she used to make me look for Waldo with her! I love it! Waldo!

All I know is that when "Waldo" is found he's going to have some explaining to do to those two women.

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