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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm So Special

Years ago when we first moved into our apartment complex we had a handyman by the name of Fermin. The first thing my mom noticed about Fermin was his strong resemblance to “Grandpa Munster” from the TV show The Munsters. From then on in my household the handyman was known as Grandpa Munster. Grandpa Munster retired after I finished high school and even though his visits to our complex were frequent as the years went by and his family moved away the visits were far and few until eventually they stopped. Then one day one of my neighbors told me that "Grandpa Munster" died.

Recently I boarded the bus on 3rd avenue. The bus was mega crowded wall- to- wall people from the front to the back. Every now and then a few people would get off allowing us in the back to move a little closer to the middle. I had finally reached the exit door and as I made my way down the steps my heart went straight to my butt. Not more than a few feet from me I saw a ghost. He was as white as a sheet of paper well okay maybe not that white but he was pale. He was ultra mega pale, it was as if pale had been on sale at Wal-Mart and he’d stocked up on it. His hair was jet black and slicked back the better to show off his prominent widow’s peak. His lips were the only thing on his face with any real color. They looked stained as if he had been eating pomegranates. My feet finally touched the sidewalk and I turned around take another look before the bus pulled away. I'm not going to lie even if it hadn't been my stop I still would've jumped off.

I fumbled in my pocket for my cell phone and called my mother. After a quick convo I found out that I had been misinformed. Grandpa Munster had not died he'd simply moved out of the city and like the swallows of capistrano returned to the city once a year to visit his family. Yeah man I feel special so special.

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