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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Official Mom

My brother’s puppy Tigger aka Hannibal Hairctor has been living with us for over a month now and seems to have adopted my dog Cleo as his mom. Cleo who has never had puppies seems to be loving it and like any good mom she disciplines him.

The puppy has developed an obsession with my father’s slippers. He is constantly stealing them and hiding them around the house which wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t chew on them as well. The other day the puppy ran past me in the dining room with my dad’s slipper in his mouth and I gave chase trying to get the slipper from him. Instead of dropping it and slinking off in a corner with his tail between his legs like any other puppy with a shred of decency would do he looked up at me and started running faster.

I chased him around the table like 4 times and couldn’t catch him. He kept going under the table and weaving in out under the chairs. Cleo who had been looking at me like I was psycho finally decided to step in. She waited for him to emerge from under one of the chairs and just when he was about to go under another chair she grabbed onto his collar with her teeth and held him for me. At first he tried to get away from her but she slapped him on the top of his head with her paw and he sat still. The fact that she managed to do this without hurting him or ever loosening her grip on his collar totally impressed me…yeah she’s officially a mom now.


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