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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Perfect Enunciation

When I got in last night mom was sitting at her desk phone in hand looking at it in disbelief. “You would not believe the conversation I just had,” she told me and went on to explain. A survey company had called her to get her opinion on a natural gas project proposed for the Long Island Sound.
As the survey came to an end the inevitable race and ethnicity category questions came up and that’s where it went bad…

Interviewer : Based on what I have just explained what race would you say that you are?

Mom :White

Interviewer : Latino, Hispanic, African-American...

Mom interrupted

Mom : Hispanic

Interviewer : You are?

Mom : Yes.

Interviewer : I never would have guessed!

Mom : Excuse me?

Interviewer : Well I just gotta say that your English is perfect!

Mom : I should hope so considering I was born and raised in this country.

The woman didn’t seem to hear my mother and went on….

Interviewer : You have perfect enunciation!

Mom :What?!

Interviewer : Your enunciation is perfect! You have absolutely no accent, not even a trace! Trust me I should know I’m from Texas. I would have never guessed you were Hispanic!

Mom : Wow, amazing. So let me get this straight according to you Texas is populated by people who can not enunciate properly. That explains President Bush, thanks for the info because I’ve always wondered why his speech was like that. Now I know it’s because he’s from Texas. Look lady whatever you do don’t ever take a job promoting tourism for your state.

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