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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I hoped he at least had a scarf.

In lieu of chocolates and flowers Jack Frost decided to give us New Yorkers a winter nor’easter for Valentines Day. It was a wicked wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain and it was fantastic! It wasn’t too cold although the occasional ping of the pelting hail was just a little bit painful. As I rode the bus home I noticed the streets were empty of adults. It seemed like only the very young were on foot. The teens from the local high school spilled out onto the sidewalks it seemed every other one was holding a reminder of Valentines Day. Helium balloons on brightly colored string bobbing in their very own air space. Gift bags decorated bears, cupids, and hearts were the item of the day it seemed. Oh yeah and every other kid seemed to be wearing something red so they all contrasted very nicely with the snow.

Several blocks away from my stop which happens to be the last stop on the route the bus driver asked if I had a light, we were the only ones left on the bus. Luckily for him my friend had left her lighter in my bag. I handed it over to him and watched as he lit a cigarette. Since smoking on buses and trains has been banned ever since I can remember seeing the driver puff away and the cigarette smoke swirling around the empty bus was really odd. The driver was stressed; it was his first day back from vacation he told me. Shit shit shit why hadn’t he taken the extra week. He hated driving in the snow especially in my neighborhood. We’re always the last to see the plows and the salt spreaders. When it snows we’re pretty much on our own.

As I listened to his litany of complaints against the snow and having to drive a mass transit bus in the snow I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him his day was going to be a longggg one but at the same time I just had to admire the beauty of snow and how it made everything it covered look so pretty. I imagined Cupid shaking his fist in the air freezing his semi-naked cherubic ass off in the snow. I hoped he at least had a scarf.

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