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Friday, February 23, 2007

Doppelgänger Mia

Doppelgänger: a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person.

It seems that when the powers that be made me not only did they not break the mold but they also saw fit to recycle it as well.

A few years ago before I'd gotten tattooed and pierced I got word that I had my very own doppelganger working in a local mall. I had several phone calls from confused friends. Each one basically told the same story... they'd seen me in the mall, called out to me and I had ignored them. It took a lot to make them realize that it really wasn’t me that they had seen.

Pretty soon spotting Doppelganger Mia in that particular neighborhood became the new “Where’s Waldo” among my friends. My uncle’s wife even spotted her once in a shoe store. I figured the girl worked there because a few people had told me they’d seen her in the same store, which was funny because at the time I was working in a shoe store as well. Even though I worked less than a mile away and often walked by it I had never set foot in that particular mall. Finally curiosity got the best of me and I decided to pay a visit to the shoe store and meet my doppelganger. I stopped by a couple of times on my days off but never got to see her. I guess she had the same days off as I did as well. While I never got to see her I did get alot of stares and double takes from the employess in the mall and shoe store. I even caught a few pointing me out to other employees so I guessed I freaked them out as much as Doppelgänger Mia had freaked my friends out. Then as abruptly as they began the sightings of Doppelgänger Mia stopped. Well that was until yesterday.

I recieved a call last night from a friend in England. "Where are you?" he asked "Home" I replied, "Just got in right now." "New York?" "Duhhh of course" "Swear to me you’re not in England.” "Dude I’m at home in New York." "Mia I swear I just saw your twin !" he practically yelled into the phone, no more sugar for him he was just a tad bit too hyper.

Yesterday afternoon my friend had stopped in at his university cafeteria for some lunch and spotted “me” working behind the counter. It seems I have another doppelganger. My friend stared at her for a minute or so. The girl he claimed was my exact double… same height, build, same every thing even her voice sounded like mine…. Finally when he couldn’t take it anymore he approached her…"Mia?" she stared at him blankly… he tried again "Is your name Mia" "No my name is Leticia" she replied.

Now let’s pause here for a second...Would you like to take a wild guess as to what my middle name is? Go on take a second give it a wild guess.... If you guessed Leticia give yourself a big pat on the back.

My friend who had no idea until last night that my middle name's Leticia and was flipping out when I told him. "What?!" "Yup my middle name is Leticia", and with that I held out the phone and called out to my mom, "Mami what's my middle name?" "Leticia!" she yelled at my phone. He practically laid an egg.

Now back to our story….Despite the girl telling him her name was not Mia he wasn't too sure it wasn't me. He thought that I was playing a joke on him. That I'd arrived in England unannounced and was trying to surprise him. Then he noticed that Doppelgänger Mia didn’t have her eyebrow pierced like mine. Instead she had her lip pierced on the same side my eyebrow is pierced.

Lucky girl, I had wanted to pierce my lip when I was younger but my mother gave me “the look” and that idea bit the dust with a quickness.I settled for a tongue ring instead.

Despite the lip piercing he still wasn’t totally convinced which is why he called me. Now that he knew for sure it wasn't me out in England he really got excited. He told me he was going to go back to the cafeteria the next day and take a picture of her to show me. "Make sure you explain the situation to her don’t make the girl think you’re some type of stalker." I advised. Hopefully in his excitement he’ll remember to tell her because if Doppelgänger Mia is anything like me and he creeps her out she will knock him out right then and there.

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