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Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Yellow Rose

On Valentine’s Day my brother Steven presented my mom with a single yellow rose as a token of his love. As soon as my mom placed the closed bud in the vase it began to open up. When my brother arrived home later on that evening he was amazed at the sight of the rose in full bloom. He mentioned that none of the closed buds in the bouquet he’d given his girl friend had even made an attempt to open up. My dad looked at the yellow rose and said, “That’s because there was a huge aura of love surrounding the rose. You gave it to your mom because you love her. Your mom went nuts over it because you’re her baby. The rose felt all the love between you two guys and couldn’t help but bloom. It bloomed as a manifestation of the love between a mother and her child.”

My mom looked at my father camera in hand, she was getting ready to get take some shots of the rose, “Dude what the heck was that?!" My father hugged my mom, “ I know how the rose feels. If I were a rose I’d always be in full bloom anytime you were near.” My mom looked up at my dad and started laughing, “Wow. William that was totally beautiful.” My dad kissed my mom, “I have my moment’s woman.”

Here are some of my favorite shots of the rose…


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