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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A couple of 9 yr olds talking...

There’s a 9 year old boy that lives in my building by the name of Damien. His dad and my uncle have known each other since they were teens and when they had their sons a month apart they hoped the boys would grow up together and be the friends like their fathers. The problem is that Damien is a very competitive little boy. If my 9 year old cousin has a cookie Damien wants a bigger cookie… he competes with Pico in everything from the clothes they wear to academics. Last night Damien came over to play and as Pico and he were standing next to each other he sized Pico up….

Damien: Pico you are so short. Look I’m way bigger than you!

It’s true Damien is big for his age but then again everyone in his family is over 6ft tall. My little cousin looked up at Damien and shrugged his shoulders. For the next few minutes Damien taunted Pico about his height. Pico just ignored him. Damien then went on to something else…

Damien: My father’s car is bigger than your fathers!

Pico: So? That just means he wastes more gas.

Damien was getting angry that Pico wasn’t getting into the competition game and tried another angle…

Damien: As a matter of fact everything I got is better than yours!

Pico: That’s not true.

Damien: Name one thing you got that’s better than mine!

Just then my mom walked in through the door and interrupted their discussion. Pico ran to her and threw his arms around her.

Pico: Titi! How was your day?

Mom: It was good my little man except that I really missed you today. How was school?

My mom then sat down and held her nephew in her lap. They chatted about his day and his homework for awhile. Every now and then my mom would give my cousin a little kiss on his cheek or tickle him. Pico climbed off of mom's lap and sat next to Damien...

Pico: I know one thing I have that is better than yours.

Damien: What?

He looked at my mom and pointed at her.

Pico: My titi…she’s prettier and nicer than yours.

Damien looked at my mom for a few seconds and then looked back at Pico.

Damien: Aigght son I’ll give you that one.

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