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Friday, November 17, 2006

God Listens To Me!

I often write about the “only in New York” incidents that I witness during the course of my daily life. Last night’s heavy rain gave birth to yet another one of those classic moments. I was on my way to the subway battling the heavy wind which was making a shambles out of nearly every umbrella in came in contact with. People were running across the street towards the subway in a futile attempt to escape the sheets of water falling over the city.

A man ran past me trying to shield himself from the water with a piece of cardboard. I guess he and God must be having some issues because he seemed to be taking the storm as a personal sign… “Every time I damn God it rains! He listens to meeeeee!” he screeched as he ran by me. I turned my head, stared after him and said, “What the hell was that?” Just in case I had missed anything the guy standing next to me hit life's cosmic re-wind button and without missing a beat did a dead on imitation of the man. I just dissolved into a fit of giggles. Who needs TiVo when you have fellow New Yorkers? Man you just gotta love New York especially during moments like that.

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