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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Role Playing in Class

I was sitting in short term counseling class minding my own business soaking up precious rays of knowledge when my professor called on me for a role playing exercise. I was to play the client and my class mate was to play shrink. I had to create a scenario on the spot there was no time to prepare….

Mia: I’m here because I’m having problems with my boyfriend. I haven’t see him in a month. I know he has a very demanding job so I need help coping with his absence.

Girl: I see well how long you have been together?

Mia: A month.

Girl: I don’t understand he’s been your boyfriend for a month but you haven’t seen him in a month? How did you meet this guy?

Mia: I met him through the internet. We physically met only once.

Girl: You only had one date?

rolling my eyes

Mia: Well yeah if you want to get all technical about it.

The class began to giggle. The professor laughed and put his hand to his head.

Girl: You don’t think that’s kind of fast to jump into a relationship?

Mia: What you mean? He’s my soul mate! Didn’t you hear me say he said he wanted me to be his girlfriend? I can take a hint I know when a man is feeling me. Besides he told me so. He told me he was feeling me. He even toasted me with a cosmopolitan and said, “to new beginnings.” I mean yeah I know a guy drinking a cosmopolitan is kind of gay if you get my drift but I was willing to over look that. After all he wanted to be my man.

Girl: And you got all of this from a first date?

Mia: Na man he also made his myspace page private after started chatting you know like he didn’t want any other females to check out his profile.

Girl: Why was that?

Mia:Well that meant that he had already found the one so why keep on looking. I’m his soul mate.

Girl: But you haven’t heard from him in a month…

Mia: He’s just been busy.

Girl: Please go on

Mia: So um yeah so like after chatting on the internet like forever we went on this date and totally hit it off. He said he wanted me to be his girlfriend. He invited me back to his house to watch a movie and then um like you know nature took its’ course.

Girl: You had sexual relations with him?

Mia: Ohhh no don’t say it that. It sounds kind of dirty. Um no we made pa-shee-nit love.

Girl: So you made love after the first date, don’t you think that’s kind of fast?

Mia: Are you calling me a slut?

I narrowed my eyes and changed the tone of my voice to indignant…and daintily threw my hands to my chest….The class and the professor broke out in laughter…despite the fact that the professor warned anyone about laughing while I role played…he remembered the last time I role played the class wouldn’t stop laughing and didn’t want a repeat of it.

Girl: No no I’m not calling you a slut. Have you tried calling him to discuss what is going on?

Mia: I call him every day but it goes straight to voice mail. I know he’s really busy at work and can’t take my calls and by the time he gets out well you know it’s late. I figure he doesn’t want to call me that late out of consideration for my schedule. I go by his job every day to try to catch a glimpse of him so we can talk but like I said he has a really demanding job. I pause to take a breath and think about what I’m saying… that’s not stalking is it?

The class starts laughing again the “counselor” tried to keep a straight face and picked up her pencil to take some notes.

Girl: What’s his name?

Mia: Why? What you want to know that stuff for? You gonna call the police on me?

Girl: No! Have you ever thought about dating someone else?

I look up at the ceiling as if I were seeing something.

Mia: Why ? He’s my soul mate! He’s a Scorpio and I’m a Capricorn! It’s written in the stars! We were meant to be so why would I want to date anyone else when my soul mate is right there?

Just then we were stopped by the professor the class was over. He said he really didn’t want to stop the session it was one of the funniest role playing sessions over. He then looked over at me and laughing said, “Oh man it’s always the quiet ones that come up with the freakiest role playing!” “Oh yeah us quiet ones must let the freak flag fly every now and then.” I replied.

The sad thing is that the role I chose was actually a composite of several experiences I have witnessed friends go through.


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