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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuddy Beer Tuesday

In a blatant rip off and with the kind consent of Louise and Manny Mondays I present Tuddy Beer Tuesday starring Tuddy Bear and Miss Cuddly. Every Tuesday(inshullah) I’ll be posting one of their adventures here. Depending on how much crap I’m carrying in my messenger bag for school that week it could either be Miss Cuddly or Tuddy Beer you see here.

Who in the heck are Tuddy Beer and Miss Cuddly?

Tuddy Beer is small bear about town and a scholar. Once upon a time while in his teens his field of study was religion absorbing theology as he sat in my book case among the Bible, Qur'an and an assortment of books on Hinduism, and Buddhism. Now he can be found studying Psychology theories and criminal behavior theories. Tuddy Beer first came into my life several hours after I was born 23 years ago and he’s never left my side. He is without a doubt the coolest teddy on earth; he even has a rattle in his tummy. His name is Tuddy Beer because well have you ever heard a one year old say Teddy Bear?

(Here I am at 7 weeks old with Tuddy Beer watching over me. He looks so large in this photo b/c I was a preemie I was about 4lbs here.)

Miss Cuddly the pink elephant was a gift from my grandfather when I was four years old and I’ve slept with her ever since. As a child I’d cuddle (hence her name) with her as I drifted off to sleep. She made me feel safe and protected me from el cuco (the boogeyman) when he was living inside of my closet. Her area of expertise is music. Her daytime home is on top of the case that holds my huge CD collection. Miss Cuddly loves it all from swing to punk. Rumor has it she dances with Tuddy when I’m not in the room.

(This was the first time Miss Cuddly and I ever laid eyes on each other. You see how cuddly she is? Oh so soft.)


When I went to bed last night there was a bunch of apples in the bowl and on the base of the bowl.I'm going to let it go b/c it's Ramadan but when I awoke this morning before the sun came up I found only a few apples and those two sitting in the bowl. ...I don't want to make accusations but....



I came home early today and found them hitting up my sheesha, all this time I though it had been Angie. They better remember to clean it out next time.

Ever the cautious ones they never forget the sunblock when enjoying the sun and neither should YOU.

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