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Friday, September 22, 2006

Goodbye Summer 2006

Summer is slipping away. By this time tomorrow autumn 2006 will have arrived.I hate saying goodbye to the summer; to the beaches,the parks,the streets jumping with music, the smell of cookouts, block parties and street fairs. I hate saying goodbye to the sight of kids young and old playing in la pompa (fire hydrants) until the sun disappears into the night sky. Man I even hate saying goodbye to that funky hot side walk smell. I hate saying goodbye to midnight games of handball in the village.

The smell of summer will be replaced with the aroma of autumn. Each season for me at least has its’ own smell, its own memories,allure and magic. Autumn is candy apples, pumpkin pies, pasteles, pudin de pan, turkey, fabric softener scented sweaters and denimn jackets pulled out of winter storage. Oh yeah and the dreams. Dreams of world series baseball specifically of a subway series between the Mets and Yankees. Which by the way we'rethisclose to this year.

Autumn is when New York explodes with color schemes so beautiful they dazzle the eyes and take your breath away. Every where you look in every boro on every block from Central Park to upstate New York Mother Nature puts on show. The endless shades of red, gold and pale greens on the trees; the pinks, reds, yellows, blues, and purples of the fall wild flowers in bloom stir the soul and put rainbows to shame. I like to think the colors are a gift as a consolation for putting the summer wind away until next year. The summer wind that seems to carry magic within its' breath.

For me summer has gone by too quickly yet at the same time it seems to have been endless. The brutal heat wave and power outages are already a distant memory. For the most part this summer was some what of a haze as if someone held a gauzy veil over my eyes. However the memories of water balloon fights,starry nights,the welcomed feeling of the summer wind on my skin on a hot night, the never ending fireworks, the sight of boats sailing in the harbor,the music and of course dancing in the dark remain vibrant and vivid. I experienced a lot this summer. I learned about the power of love and faith. I learned to appreciate life all over again and never take it for granted because all it takes is one twist of fate for it to be gone. I made new friends, said goodbye to old friends and one day awoke from a deep sleep to find I had friends I never even knew about.

So on this beautiful day the last official day of summer I’ll walk around my city taking it all in and appreciating its’ beauty. I'll savor the last gentle caresses of the summer wind in my hair and along my face. Caresses that remind me of a beloved friend saying their goodbyes until the next time we're reunited. I'll inhale the summer air deep holding it in my lungs never wanting to forget the scent of the season... and when the night finally turns into morning I'll say a silent goodbye to the summer of 2006. I know that the summer of 2006 changed me somehow. I haven’t quite figured out how exactly but I know it has.

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