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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Oops My Bad!

After drinking water all morning I was in desperate need of the facilities before class. I rushed to the nearest bathroom without stopping to look at the sign on the door. As soon as I walked in I noticed the guy standing next to the sink. At first I thought I had mistakenly ran into the men’s bathroom. I did a quick eye sweep and noticed there were no urinals. Okay I wasn’t in the men’s room. Therefore there was only one other conclusion that could be drawn. There was a man in the girl’s bathroom. The guy gave me a big kool aid smile. I returned the smile with the death stare. You know the stare a person gives when you’ve invaded their privacy by reading their email or chat convos over their shoulders? WTF?! These aren’t coed bathrooms I thought to myself. Finally the dude left without saying a word.

A couple of hours later I bump into the same guy on my way to another class. It turned out that he wasn’t a guy. He was actually a flat chested chick with a shaved head. Oops my bad. I feel so special now.


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