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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Gobal Update: HIV/AIDS Estimates as of 12/2005

Regional HIV/AIDS Estimates as of 12/2005

Region Adults & Children Living w/ HIV Newly Infected w/HIV Women living w/HIV Total Deaths
Sub-Saharan Africa25.8 Million 3.2 Million 13.5 Million 2.4 Million
Middle East & North Africa510,00067,000220,00058,000
The Caribbean300,00030,000140,00024,000
Latin America1.8 Million200,000580,00066,000
North America, Western & Central Europe1.9 Million65,000490,00030,000
Eastern Europe & Central Asia1.6 Million270,00040,00062,000
Asia8.3 Million1.1 Million2 Million520,000

Gobal Update:HIV/AIDS Estimates as of 12/2005

People Living w/ HIV as of Dec. 200540.3 Million
New HIV Infections in 20054.9 Million
Total HIV Deaths3.1 Million
Total Cured000,000

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