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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Helloo oh oh oh Kitty!!

A friend has this theory that the Japanese are obsessed with sex and to prove her point e-mailed me a site that sells some Japanese “gadgets”. Now I’m not one to judge if they are sexually obsessed or not BUT I can tell you this they sure have made my holiday shopping a lot easier…

For that male co-worker who acts like he hasn’t been laid in a decade and seems to be ignorant about the company’s sexual harassment policy may I suggest….(Out of respect for my readers and for fear my mom will break my fingers if she sees me typing dirty words)...

Vagina in a Can: At $7.50 a pop ( no pun intended) relief is kind of cheap maybe a six pack will calm the horny bastard down enough for him to lay off his female co-workers….

Product Description from the site:
A truly unique adult male sexual toy from Japan, this can best be described as Pussy in a Cup. Brimming with a jelly-lotion, this sponge is based on AV starlet Ai Nagase's genitals. Remove the top, and insert yourself into the cup and a soft, multi-ribbed sponge will greet you with pleasure. Massage your tension away. May be used as a one-shot or with a condom for multiple uses.

Everyone knows at least one woman in their life that is always complaining about the lack of big O’s in their lives and inside every woman lives a little girl who is a Hello Kitty fan. For this reason the Japanese created The Hello Kitty vibrating shoulder massager (wink wink) for $ 139.00

Product Description from the site:
So whats all the Buzz about? The Genuine Sanrio Hello Kitty Vibrator represents Japanese Pop Culture at its Best! Looking for a really unique gift for someone? Or maybe you would just like a new toy for yourself :) This is the place to order the elusive Hello Kitty Vibrator !! All items are shipped from the U.S. for the fastest delivery. The Hello Kitty Vibrator is a true collector’s item. Featuring a powerfull, yet quiet motor, they measure in at almost 6 inches of pure pleasure :) They come complete with battery and display box as shown in the picture. These Hello Kitty Vibrators were made in limited numbers and according to Sanrio they will never be made again so order now !!

Link to the site:Jlist.com

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