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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Early Christmas cheer via subliminal messages....

My dad starts getting into the Christmas spirit in August. The man has been known to play Christmas carols during the balmy month making the kids laugh and my mom cringe. Mom is different she starts getting into it once December arrives. Around the 1st week of December she sets up our tree and during the 2nd week we decorate the tree and the house. This year things are different something is afoot and I think my dad is to blame.

Ever since mid-November my mom has been singing Christmas tunes all over the house.This past Sunday she put away all the Thanksgiving decorations and set up the tree, when I got home that night the tree was decorated! I looked at the calendar on the wall thinking I might’ve pulled a Rip Van Winkle and taken a really long nap. Nope it was Nov 27th. I looked around the house and saw it had been transformed into Christmasville;decorations, wreaths, garlands, knick knacks all over the house. I stepped back wondering if I had stepped into the wrong apartment. This is not the norm. My mom hates to rush Christmas,so to see her doing this all so early is really unusual.

However I think I know the reason behind her early Christmas cheer. Last night I heard something coming out of my parent’s bedroom. It was the sound of music…it was Christmas carols! This morning as she launched into her 7:30 am version of "Feliz Navidad" I asked her about the music last night… it seems that right after Halloween my dad found a radio station that plays nothing but Christmas carols. Every night since then my mom has been falling asleep to Christmas carols! Aha! I thought to myself early Christmas cheer via subliminal messages!

If I were the devious sort I think I could use this to our advantage. The kids and I could make a recording of our Christmas lists and then make our parents a CD with their favorite carols on them with our lists playing in between the tracks. I could then go into their room as they sleep and put it on their stereo letting it play all night over and over and over again. Mua ha ha!! I wonder if this could work on Bush…maybe we could get someone on the inside to slip a CD on as he sleeps making all sorts of suggestions… hmm.. I wonder…think of the possibilities !


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