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Monday, September 19, 2005

I spy ....

What is it about celebrities and an aversion to under wear? As a child my mom always told me, "Make sure you have on nice matching underwear before you leave the house just in case you get hit by a truck and have to be rushed to the hospital." Grandma panties and sports bras are only acceptable for staying home. Obviously Brooke Shields and Lizzie Grubman never heard of the under wear rule. “Suddenly Susan” star Brooke Shield was flashing suddenly nipples after stepping out of her crib wearing this sheer dress sans bra. WTF doesn’t this woman have a mirror in her house?

Not to be outdone Lizzie Grubman scared a small group of men into homosexuality by airing out her coochie in public. Grubman despite her millions doesn’t seem to own a pair of panties. I loved the handbag she’s carrying but seriously could have done without the flash of "wallet" she shared with the public while being lifted up by Hulk Hogan. The site was worthy of a barf bag.

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