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Monday, September 19, 2005

Miss Anna don't like fat people

Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley commented on The Oprah Winfrey Show that Anna Wintour "does not like fat people." Now he’s in some deep crap. The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance ( hand to God I didn’t make that up) are planning to protest against Conde Nast, Vogues parent company.

"Most of the Vogue girls are so thin, tremendously thin, because Miss Anna don't like fat people," the 56-year-old Talley, who's not so svelte himself, confided to a surprised Winfrey about his boss, Vogue's editor in chief. I don't know why she was surprised given her past history with Vogue.Heck even Oprah had to lose 30 lbs before Ms. Wintour allowed her to be on the cover.

Talley tried to make it all better by offering a half assed apology: "I do apologize if I offended anyone. What I should have said is that Anna is very concerned about people's weight because of the health issue. And, as I was fat, I was really talking about myself. I in no way wanted to imply that fat people were not acceptable." Sandy Schaffer spokesperson for The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance replied: "How do dislike and concern become mixed up to be the same thing? That's just garbage."

To tell you the truth I can’t be mad at the dude for speaking the truth, this is the way he and his boss feels. It’s no secret. When has a plus sized model been on the cover of Vogue? What is amazing to me is that people act so shocked because the man spoke the truth. The man wasn’t lying, he was simply stating the truth and now people want to jump down his throat. People, people let’s not kill the messenger!

It’s not just vogue the media in general is obsessed with pencil thin women. Movie sex goddesses like Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Rita Hayworth, and Jane Mansfield would be considered “fat” by today’s industry standards. I remember when J-Lo first came on the scene she was criticized for the size of her ass. The poor chick even went out and lost weight and some of her ass as a result of the criticism.

Unfortunately a lot of the public take their cue on how they should look from the media and entertainment industry… it’s stupid if you ask me. The average woman is a size 14, yet women and teenagers are starving themselves in an attempt to be these unrealistic small sizes. The end result is that we now have a bunch of girls famous and non famous looking like they’re from Ethiopia at the height of the famine.

For my height society dictates that I be a size 4 or less. I got down to a size 8 once, and looked like a freaking crack head it was not pretty. People were begging me to put on weight! My family, friends, co-workers and then significant other kept commenting about how unhealthy I looked. Women are not all meant to be the same size. I feel and look better at a size 10 yet I would be considered over weight by media standards. I like my curves, my thighs, breasts, hips and ass. I don’t want to see my pelvic bones protruding out of my jeans, my breasts looking like shriveled up prunes, or my ass all flat. In my culture a voluptuous woman is considered sexy. I have a feeling American men feel the same way too because I seem to attract a lot of them. I swear if I ever come across La Lohan or Richie I’m putting them in a headlock and force feeding them a meal.

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