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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Too much television for me...

I was blog hopping today and came across Curious1's interesting post it was about WTF fashion trends. That started me thinking about WTF moments…. Specifically WTF moments I’ve come across while watching TV.

Since my brother’s been hospitalized I’ve been watching a lot of television, specifically music videos with him. Okay first off the bat hip hop video directors need to expand their horizons. When it comes to these videos there’s only so many times that bitches, ho’s, escalades, and Benjamin’s can be used as part of a story line before it becomes cliché. Secondly what’s up with the guy standing in the middle of the street gesturing like a mad man as he sings in heavy rain . Where’s P Diddy’s umbrella holding personal valet Farnsworth Bentley when you need him? Also why is the aforementioned singer wearing sunglasses at night? WTF?! What’s the deal with the sunglasses? Is he expecting a sudden total eclipse and is in fear of being blinded? STOP THE MADNESS take them suckers off!!!

Oh yeah and another thing WTF is up with celebs and plastic surgery? Am I alone in thinking that Donatella Versace looks like Janice from the mupppets? Oh yeah and while we’re on the subject WTF is up with Lil’ Kim and the plastic surgery? She looks like a Bratz doll now. STOP THE MADNESS Miss Jones you didn’t need the surgery to begin with. Okay well I’m going to have to stop watching so much tv because it’s pissing me off.
And I know I’m all late on this but what the hell…exactly when did Tom Cruise enter his midlife crisis? I’m assuming he’s the reason I saw so many post partum depression commercials today. WTF I say WTF… yup it’s been too much television for me today.

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