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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Note Passing at The U.N.

Earlier this week at a UN meeting President Bush and Condeleeza Rice were caught passing notes during the conference.When Secretary-General of The UN Kofi Annan discovered the note passing he separated the two; sending Condeleeza to the back of the room and a note home to Bush’s mother. In addition they were required to stay at the UN after the conference and write "I will not pass notes during conferences." 100 times.

While a photo of Bush's (Gracias, Miss Mabrouk) note was made public. The photo of Condaleeza's note was supressed. Lucky for us I believe in the 1st amendment and own a good quality digital camera. So here you have it a world blog exclusive, the first gimpse of Condeleeza's note to Bush The Younger during their note passing session at the UN conference!

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