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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Slipper Room

As she glanced over her porno mag on stage the nun began to get hot and heavy. She popped a pill and then began to strip out of her habit as Jefferson Airplane’s Go Ask Alice played in the background and the crowd went wild!

My energy level was popping and I was throwing back the Tangqueray and Cosmopolitans’ back with no shame. For the first time in weeks school felt like it was really out and I was in heaven. I went to a Burlesque show this past Saturday at The Slipper Room and totally fell in love with the place. The music was pumping, the performers were off the hook and the crowd was lovely. A mixture of straight and gays, it was a pansexual dream. To quote Gen. Douglas MacArthur “I came through and I shall return".

“Holy Monkey! The nun is pulling rosary beads out off of her hoo-ha!” I screamed. “Good God that female must save a fortune on handbags!”

“Is that a female?” my friend asked.

“Of course she is hello she’s got a vagina. Girl I thought you would have known by now that hoo-ha’s are not standard issued equipment on men”.

“No”, she laughed “I mean is she a born female or a made female? I heard some of the performers in this place are trannies”.

I looked up at the woman in front of us “Seriously? I didn't know that. Ay who cares either way that woman has talent!” I replied. “Can you keep rosary beads in your hoo-hah?” My friend shook her head.

As the nun took to the floor and did a little bump and grind I put my hand in front of my eyes and splayed my fingers, “Let me know if she pulls a bible outta her ass because if she does I am so giving her a standing ovation.” I added as I took a sip of my cosmo.

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