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Monday, February 25, 2008

Sam The Ghetto Snowman

I was snuggled deep under my duvet pre-dawn Friday morning when I was awakened by the sound of a snow plow making its’ way down my street. I got up to take a peek,snow and it was actually sticking the ground! Several hours and 9 inches of snow later all of the neighborhood kids were outside in full force playing in the snow. All but my little sister that is she was sick in bed with the flu and mom informed her that there would be no making of “Caity Angels” outside for her unless she wanted to risk catching pneumonia.

It was late afternoon my mom walked by Caity’s room and felt a blast of artic air. She was getting ready to reprimand Caity for having her window open when she let out a huge cackle. “Mia come see this!” “Caity what the hell is that?!” I asked. My little sister was sitting by her window holding a mini snow man in her hand made of snow collected from her window ledge. The snowman complete with Mohawk was wearing a bracelet as a chain around his neck. Caity looked towards us and made the introduction, “Oh this is Sam the Ghetto Snowman! Check out his bling bling… wha wha bee-otches… yeah boyyyyy!" I laughed as mom stepped up to Caity and felt her forehead. “Okay kiddo back into bed you go you’ve got a fever. I’m going to bring you some Tylenol in a minute.” “But ma I want to make Sam a skate board he needs some wheels!” Caity protested. “No Caity Sam is going to have to hoof it like everybody else today. You need to get back into bed.”

Before placing Sam outside on her window ledge Caity lovingly placed a kiss on his frosty cheek. “ Aiight homeboy the gargoyle has spoken. I shall check you out later.” Ma arched an eyebrow at her, shook her head and headed towards the kitchen muttering under her breath, “Oh hell no that little demon spawn did not just call me a gargoyle. You know I could’ve just had the two kids. I had the set already, boy and girl but noooo that damn man wanna be plying me with margaritas and impregnating me. Bastard.” she stopped midway to the kitchen and yelled out over her shoulder, “You know kid I should’ve named you Margarita!” Caity let out a laugh and leaned in towards me, “Mia that woman is crazy!” I nodded my head in agreement.

An hour later Caity was drifting off to sleep while looking at her snowman trying to convince mom to let her go outside, “but mommy I want to play in the snow.” she weakly whined as battled her drowiness. “I know baby but you can’t …not today” mom replied as she smoothed back Caity’s hair and kissed her on the forehead. “Sweet dreams munchkin, dream of snow.” “I love you mommy.” “I love you too Margarita.” Caity chuckled, “silly gargoyle.” and settled back onto her pillow. Mom stayed a few more minutes until Caity finally driftted off all the while watching over her with a smile on her face. She glanced at Sam the Ghetto Snowman the window ledge on her way out of the room and softly laughed.


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