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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chloe The Fairy Of Love

I visited The Iron fairy Store yesterday. It’s a peaceful place there’s a bathtub in the middle of the room full of flowers, with water flowing in and on the walls, there are gargoyles spitting water from their mouths. It’s a beautiful store and because I happen to be into fairies I was in heaven. I was looking at one of the fairies on display when I was approached by one of the employees carrying a packet of “Iron Fairy Dust”, the dust is for the customers to make a wish on she explained. A happy bouncy girl who came across as being all hopped up on pixie sticks. She was cute as all hell flawless porcelain skin and a mop of bouncy red curls.Her voice was adorable high pitched and wispy it reminded me of a kid’s voice. She spoke in a breathless rush as if she were sprinkling the air with her words. Actually she kind of reminded me of a fairy all she needed was a pair of wings strapped to her back and she was good to go.

She explained that each of the 16 fairies in the store had their own stories and that there were good fairies and naughty fairies. Oh did she say naughty fairies? I should get one of those for Dannie. My friend mentioned to her that she had purchased Chloe the Fairy Of Love for her boyfriend. Her eyes opened up real wide and she got all excited, “That’s my fairy!” and proceeded to tell us all about Chloe and give us a little bit too much info about herself in the process, “I can relate to Chloe!” she said.

aww how cute, she can relate to a cast iron mythical being.

“Chloe is just like me she’s searching for the perfect love but she keeps meeting Mr. Wrong. She knows she’s not perfect but she just hopes someday someone will love her. She just keeps opening her heart to the wrong people.” It wasn’t so much what she was saying it was the tone she used, one of reverence and longing. I looked around the store.

WTF is in that fairy dust she’s holding anyway and how much of it has she inhaled?

I hoped my friend wasn’t fully paying attention to Chloe the Love Fairy’s story; because even though the name Chloe the Love Fairy sounded all cute and brought to mind images of a romantic novel set in a rich lush forest somewhere where the smell of flowers scented the air and unicorns roamed free the fact was that Chloe’s story was not a happy one. It was kind of depressing actually. It didn’t sound like something you should really be giving a guy. The more the girl talked the more animated she became bouncing her curls to and fro...

Yeah wings this chick could definitely use some wings.

I didn’t know whether to go “awww” or to back the hell away from her as she continued elaborating on her and Chloe’s feelings and quest for love projecting her own angst into the story. Instead I leaned back a little and felt my eyebrow arching and my eyes narrowing as she continued her spiel. Then it happened the voices in my head came out to play …the one’s that always get me into trouble...

Whoa there little perky one, I sense you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places. You’ve met a lot of Mr. Wrongs. It seems to me you and Chloe the Love Fairy have some issues going on there. Who knows I thought maybe Chloe is a little superficial ignoring the miners who adore her because she thinks there’s something better on the horizon. Maybe she’s waiting for Prince Charming to ride in on his white horse and claim her. I got news for you Chloe Prince Charming is way busy these days with Cinderella.

Just as I was about to blurt that out I felt a mental hand clamp over my hand, “No Mia, shhhhh don’t say it!” for once I listened to the voices. I stared at the girl and the cast iron fairy in front of me wanting to reach out and pat them both on their heads but I held back.
There there little Chloe don’t fret. Perhaps one day Mr. Right will come into the store one day and notice you here sitting on your display.

Just then a fresh batch of customers came into the store, “Oh new customers!” she squealed in delight. She flittered towards the new customers armed with her packet of fairy dust, “I gotta go now, bye!”

seriously that girl really should have a pair of wings strapped to her back with all that energy and enthusiasm.

I made my way to the stairs and looked back. The girl was looking at me. She gave me a huge smile and a little slow motion wave.

Aww look at her she’s so adorable waving like a little kid. I really do hope you find Mr. Right soon little fairy girl, I really do. Of course you’re going to need to get out of this store in the East Village to do that because all you’re going to meet in this store are little male fairies. Fairies by the name of Jorge, Ron, Bruce, and Francisco.

Inside my head my voices known as The Supremes: Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious giggled appreciatively and gave me a high five.

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