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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thanks Tom from a member of The Unholy Trinity

As a kid I had two best friends in junior high school Moe and Choo-Choo, much to the chagrin of school officials who at first thought they’d be a bad influence on me. No matter how hard they tried to keep us separated in school we always found a way to be together. Eventually they gave up trying when they realized that I was actually keeping the other two in line and focused in school. Their attendance and grades reflected my influence on them. However because we were always getting into some sort of minor trouble or other the teachers nicknamed us “The Unholy Trinity”.

We each had a role in the trinity. Choo-choo was the self assured cool beauty queen. She was stunningly beautiful,she knew it but wasn’t vain about it. Freakishly tall and wickedly talented Moe was a star basketball player, the shy jock. The role of the smart ass book worm, and tomboy was played by yours truly. For years we spent as much time as possible together. I was known as the official conscience of the trio a role I took seriously. Moe was just happy to follow where ever Choo-choo led, he was crazy about her and Choo-choo was just happy to follow me. The three of us loved each other very much and swore to always remain together for the rest of our lives.

The unholy trinity remained tight all through high school even when Choo’s parents divorced and she moved to another state. We wouldn’t see her as often as we’d wanted but she made sure to keep us involved in her life via monthly visits, weekly letters and phone calls. Then her mom remarried and things changed. Neither Choo nor her siblings got along with the new step-dad. The older ones ended up leaving home and Choo stayed behind but it was hell for her. She ran away from home a couple of times each time ending up at my house. In desperation her mom sent her away to Puerto Rico only to have the ever resourceful Choo-choo find her way back to my house. Mom suggested leaving Choo with us until she at least finished high school but her mom refused. Choo-choo ran away again shortly afterwards with some guy got knocked up and we lost touch after that. Her new family didn't approve of her old friends even though they's never met us. Her life took a series of twists and turns that led her far away from me and Moe.

Moe went off to college a couple of years later and while at a dorm party spotted a photo of Choo-Choo on some guy’s wall.The story the guy told about the girl was not a very pretty and one but thanks to him we were able to reconnect with her over the phone only to lose touch too quickly. At the end of that semester Moe came back home different; he'd suffered some type of break down. Usually when he’d come back home for a visit his first stop was my house. This time he was back and I wasn’t even aware of it. One day as I spotted him with his mother. I ran towards him calling out his name. I was about to jump into his arms like I’d always done when I saw the look of utter confusion on his face. He stared at me as if he didn’t know who I was. There was absolutely no recognition in his eyes, “Moe?” I asked only to get a blank dull stare in return. His mom patted my hand and without a word led Moe away while my heart broke into a million tiny pieces.

A year later he showed up at my house. He was better and had become a born again Christian. He'd gotten married, held a good job and had just had a baby! He wanted to introduce me to his wife. It was really important to him that we like each other. I guess she didn’t pick up on that clue. Everything about me irked her especially the fact that I was a female. Even though her disapproval meant the end of our friendship Moe seemed happy and that’s all that mattered to me. Every now and then we'd see each other on the street. We always made small talk and promised to get together or call each other but we never did.

For years Choo-Choo was never far from my mind nor I from hers it seemed.Seven months ago she set up a myspace account and decided to search for me. She found a listing with a ton of Mia’s. Her fiancée was sure she’d never find me right away especially on her first try. She scrolled through the list but when she saw this one smart ass blurb with mystical looking cat playing cards she froze, jumping out of her seat she told her fiancée, “This is her! This is my Mia!” He walked over to her and looked at the blurb and asked, “How do you know that’s her? There’s no picture of her.” “ I know her and that’s so her! The icon, the quote it’s all her!” She clicked on it and was lead to my page when she saw my photo. She screamed in delight, “See I told you it was her!” As luck would have it I logged onto myspace account that evening. It had been months since I checked my mail there. The funny thing was that I had actually been thinking of Choo all day. My heart literally skipped a couple of beats when I saw the email from her. Minutes later we were on the phone talking as if years hadn’t gone by. The first thing her fiancée said to me was, “You know I’ve been with her for years now and not one day has gone by when she hasn’t brought up your name. Seriously not one day. She really loves you.”

She told me that after she'd also tracked Moe down hoping he'd have some information about me but was kind of shaken by the experience. “Mia what happened to him?” I explained to her what I knew and how our relationship had changed. We both agreed to let him find his way to us. If it's meant to be it will happen. We talk to each other a couple of times a week now and plan on getting together in a few weeks. She touched my heart the other day when she told asked, “We’re never going to lose touch again are we Mia?” “No, never again.” I replied. She sighed and said, “Man I missed you so much, you have no idea. My heart ached from the pain." “Same here Choo-choo.”

Moe ran into my little brother on the street last week and gave him his home number. “Give it to your sister, tell her to call me. I miss her.” Choo and I decided we’re going to wait for her to come down before we call him together. I had just gotten off the phone with Choo-choo this past Sunday and logged onto myspace. I had an email from a girl and it said, “Did you go to JHS 131?” This time it was our friend Melanie. I called Choo-choo back, “Hey do you remember a girl named Melanie?” “Hell yeah!” “ She tracked me down through myspace!” Choo-choo started laughing and said, “Maybe we should send Tom from myspace a thank you note!"


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