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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be Your Own Valentine

It’s valentines day the time of year when people are either loving the one that they’re with or wishing for love. I was thinking wouldn’t it be great if today of all days we took the time to express our love for ourselves. Seriously how many of us love ourselves? I mean truly love our selves and I don’t mean in that “touch yourself” kind of way although if that’s your bag don’t let me bring you down ain’t nothing wrong with a that just make sure you’re hands are washed before you touch me.

My mind works in mysterious ways so bear with me… I honestly believe that everyone’s first love should be themselves. I mean how can we truly love others if we never learn to love ourselves? Oh sure we have the love of self preservation but how many of us truly love ourselves? We live our lives never loving ourselves as much as we love others and that’s a damn shame.

There have been many times in my life that I haven’t been too fond of myself finding 101 one things about myself to be insecure about. Insecurities that can just wear a person down. I can’t front many times my insecurities almost prevented me from doing things… about but always in the back of my head there’d be that voice…yeah my mother’s nagging the heck out of me…”There’s no one else like you… you’re a gift to this world… " yadda yadda.. always pushing me out into the world. I guess somewhere along the line the woman’s words sunk in and now I’m at a point in my life where without meaning to be arrogant I can honestly say I love myself. Things that made me insecure years ago now cause me roll my eyes into my head and shake my head back and forth in disbelief when I think about them.

Isn’t it odd how it’s always easier to find something in someone else to admire, to compliment them about than it is to find something in yourself? My wish for today is that we each look at ourselves in the mirror and find something to compliment ourselves on , something to love about ourselves. Come on give it a shot it’s not so hard just put your inhibitions to the side and do it. Be your own valentine.

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