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Friday, October 19, 2007

Multi-tasking note taking smart ass

I’m doing some volunteer work at school taking notes for a learning disabled student. When I do my note taking I like to arrive early to class and scout out a seat that’s in close proximity to an electrical outlet just in case I need to recharge my laptop while I’m taking notes. Usually I have a few minutes before class begins to introduce myself to the professors but on this day the teacher was running late. As soon as he came in he started taking attendance. There was no time for introductions it would have to wait 'til class was over. As soon as he was done with the attendance the professor launched into a lecture on changes to the immigration act. He was into his lecture for a good ten minutes when he noticed me typing away.

He walked over to me and rested his eyes on one of my tattoos.

- Who are you?

my fingers paused in midair over the keyboard

-Name’s Mia

I then nodded towards the girl sitting next to me...

- I’m with Monica

- What are you her bodyguard or lawyer?

-Depends on the circumstances. Today I happen to be her note taker.

I guess he sensed a kindred spirit. Us smart asses can spot each other a mile away you know. He let out a small smile and decided to test me out to see if I really was a member of the SA brotherhood ....

- What are you a multi-tasker?

-Sir I’m a woman ... of course I’m a multi-tasker.

The professor then turned his attention on Monica...

-Monica you didn’t tell me you were bringing a note taker to class. Especially a cute smart ass one.

She looked a little nervous.I looked up at the professor...

-Sir my official title is multi-tasking note taking smart ass I’ve worked very hard for that title... it’s taken me all of (looking at the time on my laptop screen) ahhh 2 minutes to acquire it.I intend to defend it tooth and nail.

He let out a laugh and looked at me for a brief second before turning back his attention to Monica.

-Professor I told you last week Mia would be coming.

-Oh I’m sorry I must have forgotten. Welcome to the class Mia ...I think it’s going to be fun having you here.

-Thank you very much professor. I'll try my best. Next week I’ll bring my rubber nose and clown wig.

He smiled at me again and before turning around to face the rest of the class added, "Yeah it's going to be fun."

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