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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Waldo News

My aunt Nora is now seven months pregnant and her pregnancy has caused baby mania to spread like wild fire in my house and we’re all infected, no one however more than my mom. She’s already secured a carriage, swing, bassinet/playpen for the baby not to mention countless numbers of the cutest little Nikes, Converse and Jordan sneakers. The kid is set should he decide to emerge from the womb ready to shoot some hoops.

We pretty much know what the little guy is going to look like thanks to the wonder of technology in the form of 4 D sonograms. . Nora showed us her collection sonograms taken of the baby her and mom call “Waldo”. Mom ooohed and ahhed over the pictures and Nora beamed proudly especially when ma said,” Oh my gawd! He’s the spitting image of Dareem! (Nora’‘s youngest). The four dimension sonograms showed every detail as if it were a black and white photo. Waldo’s profile was oddly familiar...I had seen it before it’s the same as his sister’s. In one shot Waldo had his eyes open... in another he slept...I could see his face clearly even the curve of his bottom lip and the cleft in his chin just like his mother. The sonograms had a sci-feel to them. I think when the time comes for me to have a kid I wouldn’t want the 4D sonograms it takes the element of surprise away wondering who the baby is going to take after.

Potential baby names have been flying around like leaves in a tornado now that it’s been confirmed that Nora’s having a boy, everybody and their mama has an opinion as to what the new baby’s name should be . When her girls were born the name selection was pretty much left up to Nora but this time it’s different even my uncle Hassan’s taken an active interest in naming the baby since this is his first son and in all likelihood his only son. Unfortunately his taste in names leaves a little to be desired ...at one point he suggested “Jihad” we wont even get into all the jokes ma and Nora made about that one. I’ve even gotten into the act as well Nora gave me two rules ...number one it has to be a Muslim name, secondly it has to be a name that Hassan, Nora, and mom all agree on. I created a third rule; it must roll easily off the tongue since it’s going to be followed by the middle name Hassan. The way to test this is to hold your hand out sideways and move your hand to the rhythm as you pronounce the first, middle and last names. If the hand moves like waves in an ocean it’s a keeper if the “wave’ stops or jerks between names then it’s a no-no. So far it’s looking good for the name I chose. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Edit: That's NOT a 4D sonogram of Waldo.

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