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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Movie Etiquette

I’m a movie person. I don't discriminate when it comes to movie genres. From foreign to historical I love them all. Nothing compares with the thrill of watching a good flick for the first time on a huge movie screen the size of brownstone building. While some would argue that you can get the same thrill watching at home on a big screen TV I say uh uh…no way José. It’s not the same. There’s something about sitting in the dark with a hundred other people in a theater that makes the experience just more enjoyable. You sit there with your snack and beverage of choice for about 90 minutes and if you’re lucky enough that everything in the movie falls into place time flies by and at the end of it you don't regret shelling out the bucks to have seen the flick.

However there’s also something about sitting in the dark with 100 other people that makes you want to smack fire out of some of them. You know who I’m talking about the ones who talk throughout … or the ones who read the book and want to compare the movie to the book on the spot. STFU putos! I’m trying to get into the flick…. The couple right next to you groping each other and doing lord knows what with the jumping jacket thrown over their laps. Get a room people! Oh yeah and the tall guy who swears he’s made out of glass and stands in front of you blocking the screen while he s out his wedgie. Cut the crap out man!

Here’s a little clip on movie etiquette Aqua Teen Hunger Force style ….

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