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Friday, July 06, 2007

2 Peas in a Pod

About seven months ago I met a guy. A sweet guy a romantic guy. The type of guy that dedicates songs to you out of the blue. The kind of guy who surprises you with your favorite flowers for no particular reason other than when he saw them he thought of you . He even gives you 6 of them one for every month you’ve been seeing each other.

Seven months ago he asked me out on a date. My response to that was to whip out my phone and take a picture of him. I‘d ended a relationship months earlier and wasn’t too sure if I wanted to jump back into the dating pool. I really didn’t trust my judgment when it came to men at that moment. When I got home I showed my mom the picture and asked for her opinion. “ He has a kind face. Take the chance go for it!” then she added, “You know nena he kind of looks like your father! “ Ma that is so twisted.” I said, but despite that and on my mother’s advice I went out on a date with the guy. It turned out to be a smart move and one of the longest dates known to man.

At one point in our date he decided to show me a picture of his niece and siblings. Like me he is very big into family and as I would discover later on friends as well. Right next to the photo of his niece was a photo of him and a group of friends. It turned out I knew every single person in the photo with him, we had all gone to high school together. He ended up calling every body up in the photo and they joined us on our date. It became a mini-high school reunion that lasted until the evening of the following day. The thing was we didn’t remember each other at all from high school despite the fact that we had so many common friends until one of the girls started prompting our memories. I had been on the tennis team with her …”Mia was the girl that refused to wear the tennis uniform! Remember the one who played all her matches in jeans and timberland boots?!” “The anime girl!” he responded. Here’s the thing I have oxymoron eyes. They’re big yet chinky and when I wear my hair straight with bangs people always say I look like a Japanese anime because of my eyes. In high school at least until my senior year my hairstyle of choice was bangs and a ponytail. Once he said the anime girl I knew he had at least seen me around in high school.

He had been a football player who missed some school because of a knee injury and as a result was behind me by a year. We had no classes together but he did have classes with and was a close friend of my future best friend Reina so he used to see me with her all the time around the school and it turned out he had had a little crush on me then but was too shy to approach me.

The one thing people always say when meeting him for the first time is that he looks a lot like my father. Personally me and my dad don't see it. It gives me the shivers just to think about it.. ewww.As people get to know him they say that personality wise he reminds them of my dad as well. That my friends is true he is very much like my dad in that sense which is a HUGE departure from the guys i've dated in the past. In past relationships I was always the dependable one so it's nice now to have someone on an equal footing with me.

We were on the elevator last night just talking and out of the corner of my eye I saw one of my neighbors checking us out. Other than a nod hello or a smile this woman and I have never had a conversation. Just as we got to our floor the woman pipes up out of nowhere, “You know he looks JUST like your father! They’re like two peas in a pod!” My BF started laughing because he is so used to this by now. My stomach knotted a little and an “ewww” look clouded my face and then the woman said, “There’s nothing wrong with that honey every little girls first love is her daddy.”

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