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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I was in the Pocono’s meeting the BF’s family when I came across a feral kitten on the edge of the woods that needed some serious help. While all of his siblings seemed healthy and well fed this little guy seemed to be fending for self; ostracized by his mother and the rest of his DNA sharing crew he was covered with dirt, blood, scratches and dried mud. He was infested with fleas and even had a couple of ticks attached to his face. His eyes were a horror; they were sealed shut with a thick crust of something and looked to be infected. Naturally I fell in love with the kitten and decided to bring him back home with me. He spent his first few days here covered in dog drool and spit because the dogs insisted on grooming the little guy. The kitten now named “Belle” is doing a lot better.


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