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Monday, June 11, 2007

A celebration of Puerto Rico

Shhhhhh New York is kind of quiet today. We’re recovering from a three day house party. Every year on the second Sunday of June The National Puerto Rican Day Parade is held. However during the past decade something phenomenal has happened. Freak the second Sunday we’ve basically taken over the entire weekend. It’s become an unofficial official holiday here in New York for us Boricuas and party people in general.

The jam officially kicks off on Friday with clubs packed to capacity as the best of the Latino musicians hit the city for concerts and club jams. On Saturday there is the 116th street festival in El Barrio which is not to be missed because of the food and the music. Established and up and coming musicians play well into the night. Then it’s time for more clubbing. Yes we do love to party… true story.

On Sunday the parade itself transforms NY into a sea of Puerto Rican flags and pride. Don’t get me wrong we Boricuas are proud 24-07 but it’s just that on this day everyone regardless of race or color seems to join us in expressing our pride. Our pride transcends generations and unifies us all whether we born on the island or like me here in the states. To see our flag flying by the thousands yeah I said thousands believe me that is no exaggeration all over NY makes the heart swell with pride. What?! To be a Puerto Rican born in New York wepppaaa it’s the best of both worlds.
¡Que viva Puerto Rico! ¡Que viva Nueva York!

Here’s a little bit of paradise a place called Puerto Rico…with music by Marc Anthony, Hector Lavoe, and Frankie Ruiz.

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