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Thursday, May 17, 2007

My mouth is not shy to a fork

My mouth is not shy to a fork don’t get me wrong it’s not that I run around like the Tasmanian Devil cartoon character devouring everything in my path, it’s just that I am not ashamed to eat. I have a healthy attitude about food I eat what I want keep the portions manageable and above all treat myself to something totally decadent when the mood strikes. Then of course I work out.

I’ve noticed that among chicks my age it’s like a badge of honor to make it through the day on ½ a tic tac and a bottle of water. I’ve known girls who will leave all you can eat for $5.99 buffet restaurants with hunger pains because they wanted to impress their date with how little they eat. WTF?! I’m thinking that this is a throwback behavior back to ancient times when the match makers of yore would point out that the bride was a bargain because she could work like a horse yet needed very little food to sustain her. I am not one of those girls that when on a date act as if 2 lettuce leaves, 1 tomato wedge, and a thin cucumber slice washed down with a glass of water will cause me to burst at the seams. Uh uh that’s not me at all I repeat my mouth is not shy to a fork.

My current BF is trying to shed some pounds in preparation for the police academy so he’s very careful with what he eats when we go out. We went to an upscale restaurant for dinner where he ordered a salad and my starving ass ordered a burger and fries. When our food arrived the waiter placed the salad in front of me and the burger in front of my BF. The waiter looked all lost when we told him he’d gotten our orders wrong and said, “ Wow a woman that actually eats real food. Can I have your autograph?”

Either our waiter was trying to tell me something on the down low or he’d seen the eat like a bird act too many times that evening.

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