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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mia:The Brain Washer

Everytime I think about it makes me chuckle. I’ve been called many things in my life to my face and behind my back but a bad influence and brain washer have never been among them…

Let’s start from the beginning shall we? Oh yes we shall. A couple of semesters ago I met this chick at school named Angela. The few heads that read this blog on the regular may remember me mentioning her a few times. We hit it off right away because we both had the same major and similar career goals. Her personal life was a mess and I became sort of a mentor to her someone for her to talk to. I am part of a program that mentors abused women and got Angie involved in the program. I felt that the program would be beneficial to her as well as therapeutic. When her mother found out that she had joined the mentoring program she got mad and asked why couldn’t Angie mind her own business. Then Angie told her mother that she was going to follow my foot steps and join the Peace Corps her mom was heated and said I was a bad influence. There ya have it people I am a bad influence. I wish I gave a flying pickle as to the mothers' opinion of me and maybe this way I wouldn't find it so funny because my father is burnt...yet I don't. Who knew that encouraging a friend to be less self-centered and show empathy for others,and to do something to help the less fortunate is right up there with encouraging your friend to shoot heroin between her toes and to sprinkle cocaine on her raisin bran.

We had a program meeting early this morning so Angie got up earlier than usual for a Saturday. Her father was livid that she had gotten up early to attend this meeting and told her I was brain washing her. Holy crap I am like a cult leader now wtf? Fear me people I have the power to brain wash as a matter of fact point me to Washington power like this should not be wasted on peons like college students! Now y’all need to be wary that I don’t start serving spiked kool-aid at UN confrences.

If his past actions are any indication of his mindset I expect to be followed around by a private detective pretty soon. Oh yeah and I imagine that when he finds out Angie is bouncing to the Peace Corps with me he’ll probably have a hit put out on me which is why I may need to go into hiding as soon as I stop laughing over this.

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