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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cleaning out my mental closet

Today I’ve decided to clean out the mental closet and share some of the stuff that’s in there with you guys….

How the hell did they do that and more importantly what inspires them?: Charlotte posted a neat clip of Bush “singing” U2's Sunday, Bloody, Sunday.

Wow 80’s videos were mega cheesy!: Don Veto’s link to 1,500 80’s Videos was like revisiting an old friend. I grew up on those videos. Damn they were cheesy! Music was hot though.

When is it a good time to whip out a bat and break a mofo’s knee caps? And what is the appropriate outfit for administering the beat down?: I was shanghaied by a friend in need yesterday to attend the first and only meeting of "Team Fire Crotch." The team is comprised of a small group of women who'd been infected with herpes by this one ass hole man. My friend was this guy for two years, she was in the dark about the other women. The other women knew about each other and my friend but were desperate enough to stick with the loser. As the ladies sat in a car commiserating on their relationship with the jerk he showed up. Instead of jumping out of the car and beating him beyond all recognition they hightailed it outta there. I couldn't believe it. Amazing.

I’m eating what?!!: Here’s a riddle for you what does Betty Crocker Frosting, Cool Whip and the 5 gallon paint of house paint sitting in my grandfathers garage have in common? They all contain a mineral called titanium dioxide. So each time you shove a slice of cake frosted with Betty Crocker’s white frosting or some cool whip on your pie it’s like licking my grandfather’s ceiling. I read an article about certain ingredients used in processed foods. For example the pink coloring in my Yoplait strawberry yogurt, the pinkish tint in Tropicana Grapefruit Juice, and the freaking Good and Plenty licorce candies I loved so much as a kid are a result of crushed female cochineal beetles and their eggs. Yeah you read correctly. Bugs and their eggs. Yum Yum. BTW they are also used in the production of lipstick and eye shadow. Here’s the link for this story What’s in my food

For What It’s Worth: Between the crimes being committed against Lebanon… terrorists plotting mass murder in the skies…and the general ill will towards my country from the world.I am so disappointed in the leaders of this world right now. I am so disappointed in those who claim to be followers of God. I am so disappointed with the intolerant,and the ignorant. Most of all I am angry! I am angry with all those spreading hate and hiding behind religion to do it. I am angry that the ones who were once persecuted and slaughtered have so little regard for life other than their own. I am angry that there so many innocent lives are being lost. I watch the news and the Buffalo Springfield song comes to mind…have a listen for yourself...

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