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Friday, November 04, 2005

Free Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman ...

For the past few days thanks to Miss Mabrouk and Egytian Sand Monkey I’ve been following the story of Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman, a 21 yr old Egyptian blogger from Alexandria. On October 26th he was taken from his home at 3 am by Egyptian state security, currently his whereabouts are unknown. According to a post by Ritzy the fundamentalist Islamic Salafi movement that is behind the arrest. Seliman recently had accused the Salafis of inciting the latest sectarian tensions in his neighbourhood of Mouharm Bay. Ritzy also posted that three days prior to his arresnt Seliman had posted an entry in his blog about the violent riots that erupted when security forces clashed with thousands of angry Muslims in front of a Coptic Christian church. As a result four Muslims died and hundreds of people were injured during the riots.

As a human being this greatly affects me and it should affect you as well. While I understand that not everyone appreciates the value of free speech the fact is that no one should ever be afraid to speak their minds or the truth. What was this man’s crime? There were none except that he saw and injustice and tried to bring it to life. We have to help this man in any way we can. Ritzy is asking that we link the story, forward it do whatever it takes to get the word out.

She has asked that we contact our local Egyptian embassy and ask them to guarantee Abdolkarim's freedom and safety. I say we do more… Let’s start an e-mail campaign to our own embassy in Egypt and ask them to intervene. If you’re American check out my link to the American Consulate in Egypt below. Let’s contact our local govt. and ask them to help. My blog has no social relevance nor will it change the world it is simply the musings and ramblings of a college student. But people like Abdolkarim are trying to make a difference and as his “brothers and sisters” we can not sit idly by and allow this miscarriage to continue.


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