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Thursday, November 03, 2005


My friend was waiting for the bus on Long Island when she called me. While we were talking a flyer caught her eye. It seemed that a white upper middle class teenaged girl named Angela had run away from home in a high priced neighborhood and her parents were looking for her. Angela appeared to be Italian and from the looks of her could not pass for anything else but white. Naturally her parents were worried and wanted her to come home. We both went “awwww ” until my friend read the next line:“She may be calling herself Shanequa.” Our reaction to this was, "SHANEQUA?!”

I don’t know why but my friend and I found this hysterical. That this white girl out of all the names in the universe would choose Shanequa as her alias was just too much for us. My friend who is white by the way couldn’t stop laughing, she was howling with laughter. A white upper middle class girl named Shanequa? Finding a white girl in New York named Shanequa is like finding an albino with a suntan. We both concluded that given that she used Shanequa as an alias the girl probably liked the brothers and her family needed to head out to the nearest housing development. The odds were in favor that Angela aka Shanequa was up there in somebody’s crib chillin’ watching videos getting her hair braided. All the cops gotta do is head out to the pj’s and yell out “ YO SHANEEEEEEQUAAAAAA!!!!” and watch all the chicks that come out. If there’s a white girl standing there amongst all the black and Latina chicks that’s Angela.


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