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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I got the chance to hear a sample of a cut titled “Y’all ain’t ready” from the hip hop CD Kevin Federline (Brittany Spears hubby) made and you know what he was right I’m not ready. I don’t think anyone is ready for this drivel. I thought that previewing this cut was a privilege, now I’m not too sure. I think I might have done something offensive to the person who allowed me to preview it and this is his retribution.

Mr. Spears errr I mean Federline seems to have developed a southern accent and in a wtf moment seems to be doing a bad imitation of Bubba Sparxx. Kevin y’all better hope Bubba don’t hear this and slap you senseless. This cut reminded me of a bunch of drunken ass white kids trying to rap to the pre-recorded beats on their little sister’s karaoke machine.

You know the adage,“misery loves company”? Well since none of y’all sent me any candy for Halloween this is my trick on you…lol

Kevin Federline::Y'all ain't ready for this

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