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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nike, Pumas and Addidas...

No older than 5 minutes and he was already curious about my camera




Tell me he doesn't look like a beanie baby

A few days ago I found out that my guinea pig was pregnant. We weren’t sure how far along she was but I started doing research and making preparations for the “big” day. I figured I had a few weeks to get all of Gizmo’s stuff together. Wrong! Last night my cousin walked by Gizmo’s cage and noticed something by Gizmo’s food bowl. It was a baby! Gizmo had given birth! Since I had been sitting near her cage all afternoon/evening doing homework and there were no babies then I assumed she had just given birth. I rushed to get the father Petunia now named Stripe out of the cage. Then I got on the internet to look up what I should do, because I wasn’t sure if I should touch the babies or not. It turned out that I could touch them in fact it was encouraged. After waiting for about 20 minutes and having Gizmo come to us looking for food we figured she was done, she had given birth to a litter of three. We scooped out the three babies and put them in a sneaker box while I cleaned out their cage. My mom was inspired by the sneaker box to name them the following: Nike, Pumas, and Addidas.


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