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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Broken wing...

I’m starting to think our apartment is on a flight path for birds. For the second time in less than a month we've had another bird fly into our house. This in addition to Max the dove who moved into my bedroom last year around this time. My father is starting to call our place Casa Dolittle.

Unfortunately the little guy who flew in last night was kind of skittish,he flew into my brothers’ room, hitting the closed window. My brother tried to open the window for the bird but just then my dads dog Kane ran in saw the bird fluttering and started barking at it. The bird freaked the heck out flew into the wall hit the floor and Kane stepped on it and then picked it up in his mouth. Kane is a pit bull he has very powerful jaws but remember I’ve told you guys he’s really gentle. He seemed to know he hurt the bird and brought him over to me and put him in my hand. Then he went over to his corner and just laid there with the saddest look watching me trying to calm the bird and clean his drool off of our guest.

Unfortunately he did hurt the bird. It has a broken wing. I don’t know if it broke when Kane stepped on it (Kane is over 100 lbs) or when he picked him up in his mouth. Either way the poor bird is screwed. We’re going to have to take care of him until his wing mends. We put it in a cage along with some food and water my mom wanted to wait a little bit before putting a splint on his wing because he seems to be really freaked out by humans. I can’t blame him. Every time we approach the cage the bird goes bonkers and my mom is afraid he’s going to make his injury worse but today he’s getting his splint put on, mom figures if he’s well enough to eat all the food she put in there he’s ready for his splint. Hopefully we will all survive this.

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