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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I am the warrior...

Last week I was home sick with the flu and a promo for “Trading Spouses” caught my eye. Maybe it was the fact I was high on Nyquil but the Christian lady (Marguerite Perrin) rebuking in the name of “Jaysuz “ made me want to watch the show and I HATE reality television. But anytime I can mock a religious zealot from my sick bed while zooted up on Nyquil is a happy day for me. Sadly the medicine kicked in and I fell asleep and missed the show. However it seems everybody that I know watched the show and was talking about it. Curiosity got the best of me and I turned to the internet to find a clip of the show. After viewing a clip of the show all I can say is WTF?! That woman was scary, her gap toothed bug eyed religion inspired rants made my uterus drop!

For those who didn't see it; the premise behind the episode was that an ultra Christian freak from Louisiana (as if Louisiana hasn’t suffered enough with Katrina ) Marquerite Perrin. I get the feeling Marge voted for Bush and watches the 700 Club. Marge trades families with a New Age astrologer Jeanne D’Amico-Flisher from Massachusetts and it’s all down hill from there.

According to people who watched the entire show astrologer Jeanne D’Amico-Flisher was a really sweet lady while the Christian lady seemed to be possessed by the spirit of Pat Robertson. It seemed Perrin didn’t have her WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) thinking cap on and had major drama dealing with the family's New Age beliefs yet she remained …Marge spent the episode alternating between hysterical crying and shouting and cursing the "ungodly" D’Amico-Flisher clan. Hmm i'm sure she had 50,000 reasons for toughing it out. At the end of the show each mom gives her new family $ 50,000 and allocates how it is spent. Personally I think the Perrin kids are going to need it for some therapy when they leave that psycho-christian's house. Yup she’s a good CHRISTIAN-NUHHH woman.

The highlight of the episode is what happens when Mrs. Perrin returned home. Instead of being all happy about seeing her family she has a nuclear melt down.In a dramatic 6 minute plus moment she rebukes the money in the name of the lord and attempts to kick out non-Christian crew members out of her house. Lets be real now you know damn well that heffa was taking the money once she regained her sanity.

Frankly her rant scared the jelly beans outta me and her family. Her kids were crying and her husband seemed to be regretting not running away from home with the kids when he had the chance to. At one point she seemed to be blaming her oldest child for what she went through with the “ungodly” family because she didn’t pray for her enough. WTF?! That woman is crazy I cannot say that enough CRAZY!
I wonder if Pat Robertson knows about this chick they'd make a great team. I thought she was going to start talking in tongues and pulling out snakes out of her bra during the show. She kept yelling “I am the warrior!” and I kept expecting her to pound on her chest and break out into the chorus of the Scandal song by the same name “Shootin' at the walls of heartache, bang, bang, I am the warrior,Well I am the warrior”

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure… You've been warned!

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Oh yeah and for your listening pleasure check out the audio file Crazy Cube mixed her rant to music...

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