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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

God Warrior Bobble Head

Marguerite Perrin poses with photo of her bobble head

In an attempt to help people out with their holiday shopping I bring to your attention The talking God Warrior Bobble Head Doll, it’s being auctioned on Ebay. It’s one of a kind and custom made. It says the following phrases from her infamous melt down:

•I don't want someone with tainted... anything in beliefs, doing anything with my family!


•Their entire house is darksided too!

•Everything's un-Godly!

•Gargoyles!... Psychics!

•Get the hell out of my house- in Jesus' name I pray!


•I give it up to God I'm a GOD WARRIOR!

•She's not a CHRISTIANUH!

•She was tampering in darksided stuff!

•This is tainted- I don't want it. Whatever it is, it's tainted!

•I want nothing. I want my God and I want my family!

•I want NO Money!


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