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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My friend and I rarely say hello to each other on the phone anymore we talk to each other through out the day so much via text and instant messaging that it’s one long conversation with small gaps in between. When we chat online he swears he can ‘hear’ my NY accent. “ The internet is a marvelous thing” he is forever saying.

Friend: Surely you’re not sleeping?

Mia: Not quite. I was drifting off

Friend: Oh so then my voice will be the last thing you hear before you fall asleep. I like that.

Mia: Most likely unless someone else decides to call me.

Friend: Dream killer

Mia: Sleep spoiler. What’s up?

Friend: So I was checking out your blog and noticed the Irish theme for this month.

Mia: Uh huh

Friend: Was that done with me in mind?

Mia: No

Friend: Lie to me

Mia: Oh well then….of course it was!

Friend: Now say it for me.

Mia: Say what?

Friend: You know, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. You know what I want to hear.

Mia: Let me get a pint of Guinness?

Friend: Well that too but I meant the other thing I taught you M'AINGEAL .



Mia: Oh! Erin go braugh! (Ireland forever)

Friend: That’s the one.

Mia: You know it’s always great to talk to you but I know you didn’t call me all the way from London to comment on the theme of the month or to hear the few words you’ve taught me . So what’s up?

Friend: Are you really, really, truly tired?

Mia: Exhausted, but curious …spill.

Friend: I’m having trouble with a paper for my philosophy class. I needed a break and decided that the sound of your voice was sorely needed.

Mia: I snore therefore I sleep.

Friend: Smart arse

Mia: True that, but I be a smart ass who got an A in philosophy.

Friend: You did?

Mia: Yes indeed. Would you like me to help you out with the paper?

Friend: Now why would you do something as sweet as that?

Mia: Are you saying I’m not normally sweet? Because if you are I’ll smack you next time I see you.

Friend: No, no not at all you my love are inherently sweet. I’m counting the days by the way.

Mia: Until I smack you?

Friend: No smart arse until I see you. I've missed you and we are going to have a great time!

Mia: Yup.

I slid out of bed and walked over to my desk

Mia: Let me turn on my computer and we can instant message each other while we work . Otherwise this call is going to cost you mega pounds.

Friend: You’re worth every shilling.

Mia: Yeah, you say that now but when your broke ass has no funds to treat me to a night at the local pub you’ll regret these calls.

Friend: Never, like I said my friend you’re worth every shilling.

Mia: Buttering me up…hmmm you’re really struggling with this paper aren’t you?

Friend: Yes, but I don’t want you to get out of bed and interrupt your rest.

Mia: I’m not going to be able to get any sleep if I know you’re struggling with this.

Friend: Good lord woman no wonder I love you so.

Mia: Ditto my friend. Besides I know you, you’ll go nuts and start pulling your hair out.

Friend: That’s true

Mia: And bald is not a good look on a 26 year old just ask Prince William.

Friend: That’s cold

Mia: Exactly, this is why I’m going to make some hot chocolate.

Friend: Sounds good I think I’ll do the same.

Mia: When is this paper due by the way?

Friend: Tomorrow.

Mia: Flippin’ procrastinator!

Friend: Look whose calling the kettle black!

Mia: I don’t procrastinate…I just put things off…til the last minute.

Friend: No wonder you got an A in philosophy.

Mia: Exactly. I’m going to make mine coffee we have a long night ahead of us.

I made myself a cup of instant coffee yeah I know fresh brewed is better but I was being lazy. Hey I am entitled. I went back into my room and logged onto my messenger.

Friend: Oh there you are!

without missing a beat we hung up our phones and continued our conversation via instant messenger

Friend: Isn’t it cool that we can have hot chocolate and work on a paper together while you’re in New York and I am here? Thank God for the instant messenger!

Mia: Ah yes the wonders of the internet.

Friend: Are you being sarcastic?

Mia: Me? Never.

Friend: Sure sure. Let’s get to work.

Mia: Knock yourself out show me what you got so far.




Several hours later we were exhausted to the point of blurry vision but we were finally done. With a little help from me my friend had written a paper he could be proud of. I have to admit being able to help him when he’d needed it made me feel good and it wouldn’t have been possible without the internet. So yeah the internet is a marvelous thing. Makes me wonder though how on earth did long distance friendships sustain themselves?

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