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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Not a Happy Yeti

It had finally stopped snowing. My friends and I stared out the café window watching the woman in high heeled boots navigate her way gingerly onto the slippery sidewalk. Actually we were placing bets on how long it would take her to kiss sidewalk. The sudden temperature drop was causing havoc making even the most sensible shoe wearing pedestrian a little extra cautious walking around the city.

I set my cup of hot chocolate down on the table and sent a silent prayer up to the snow gods that the woman would not slip and fall right there in the middle of Mulberry Street. The last thing she needed was an audience scoring her fall and score it we would, besides my money had been on her not to fall. Never under estimate a fashionista, those females can jump double dutch in heels. No joke.

My cell phone rang just as the woman entered the café, I raised my cup in salute to her and she smiled at me. Little did she know she'd just paid for my hot chocolate. I answered my phone, my boyfriend was screeching on the other end. He was livid, he’d expected me to be waiting for him by the train station several blocks away.

why on earth would I be outside in the freezing cold when I was supposed to meet my friends at the nice warm café?

I told him I didn’t recall telling him that I’d meet him at the train station after all his joining my friends and me had been a last minute thing. He continued to argue with me stating that he’d left a message on my voice mail, a message I obviously had not gotten I informed him. He was just winding up I thought to myself and before I got angry I cut him off and told him he was free to join us or make his way home. Either was fine by me.

He was about to launch into another argument when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like wind whipping the phone and then the line went dead. I figured the call had dropped and turned my attention back to my friends. Several minutes later he called again and I was greeted by a torrent of curses followed by “I slipped and fell!” Of course me being me I laughed, him being him didn’t, me being me I laughed even harder and ended our call.

Ten minutes later he stomped into the café still put out. He glowered at me as he approached our table. There was snow in his hair and all over his clothes. From the looks of him he’d obviously landed in a pile of snow and had to roll his way out of it. I struggled to keep my composure.

“Oh look it’s a Yeti!” I joked in reference to his 6ft plus tall snow covered frame. He gave me his best Yurisonofabitch glare, which I promptly dismissed with a beautifuly executed eye roll.

"So uh Yeti been making snow angels have ya?” I asked with a straight face as I handed him the hot chocolate I’d ordered for him. My friends erupted in laughter. He glared some more as he accepted the cup and took a seat next to me. He was not a happy Yeti.

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