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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maybe I Should've Warned People

We finally managed to convince my mom that she needs a cell phone.
Since I was getting a new line she took over my service and opted to keep my number since everyone she would have given it to anyway already know it by heart. When the news spread the other day that she’d finally gotten a cell phone everyone and their mama including my friends included began texting her. Her blackberry was going off all day on top of her desk.

“Mia, I think this message is for you.” She said thrusting the phone at me late Saturday night.

I looked at the message and explained that that particular number calls and texts me by mistake on a regular basis and handed the phone back to her. Mom ignored the message but the texter was persistent and kept texting her.

Anonymous Texter: Where u at? I’ve been trying 2 call u

Maggie: Who is this?

Anonymous Texter: Ur mother

Maggie: You’re texting the wrong number.

Anonymous Texter: I don’t think so

Maggie: I know so

Anonymous Texter: No

Maggie: Honestly you are

Anonymous Texter: No

Maggie: Yes, wrong person

Anonymous Texter: R u sure?

Maggie: Pretty much, unless you’re a 4ft 11 dimpled redhead currently resting in peace 6ft under at St. Raymond’s.

Anonymous Texter: Is this not Christopher?

Maggie: No, and you are obviously not my mom. What a shame I had so many questions for you if you had been her.

Anonymous Texter: What?

Maggie: Did Kitty really run away when I was 8 or did you give her away?

I find it rather comforting that mom’s special brand of humors will in now way be diminished by text messaging. Maybe I should've warned people.


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