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Saturday, March 07, 2009

If I'd Been a Good Girlfriend

The Yeti (my boyfriend) was upset. Again. The bone of contention on today’s menu was called Mia’s Trip to Italy 2009 and it couldn’t possibly have any meat left on it in my opinion. Ever since I’d informed him of my trip weeks earlier the bone had been trotted out on a regular basis. I was tired of the damn bone already and silently wished he’d choke on it.

A couple of years ago a friend and I had talked about going to Europe together and she’d never forgotten the conversation so when the opportunity arose for her to spend 2 weeks in Italy this summer visiting her aunt she jumped on it with me in mind.She knows I have an insane love of adventure and felt that she’d enjoy the trip more if I was with her.

At first I declined but I couldn’t resist her puppy dog eyes for long and gave in besides this was the chance to experience something new. Now that I was on board the 2 week Italy trip had morphed into something else and she was really excited. I suggested we spend a couple of days in Ireland, hop over to London hang out for a few days there with a friend of mine then head out to Amsterdam for a day meet up with some more of my friends and then spend the remaining time in Italy and Rome . We’d take only what we could carry in a back pack and ferry and bus it to where ever we wanted to go. She left all the planning and details to me which was why I was checking out ferry schedules and hostels in Ireland on my computer when the Yeti approached me.

“Why a hostel instead of a hotel?” he asked.

“We want to meet people. It’ll make enhance the experience but the way it’s looking now it’ll be actually cheaper to stay in hotels.”

I looked up at him and beamed, “I’m going to have to get a few more lenses and another memory card before I go. Ireland alone is a photographers dream.”

He frowned. My Yeti however was not happy about my plan to spend 2 weeks away from him. The Yeti’s insecurity was rearing its ugly head and I’d had enough.

“You can cheat on me out there!” he yelled at me when I demanded to know what his problem with the trip was.

I was truly shocked. Then it dawned on me that he’d had no problem with me going off to spend the summer with my family in Egypt but then of course my mom would be on that trip and I’d be surrounded by aunts and uncles…built in chaperones so to speak. And that’s when I really got mad, really mad and a bit hurt too. I have never given this man a reason not to trust me.

A good girlfriend I suppose would have taken the time to soothe him, to lay his insecurities to rest. I wasn’t in good girlfriend mode that day I was more like in you have pissed me off and insulted me mode. So without missing a beat I narrowed my eyes, looked him in the eye and calmly replied…

“And you will never know if I do cheat on you because what happens in Italy stays in Italy… unless Valerio decides to open his luscious mouth.”

“Who’s Valerio?!” he asked outraged. He looked as if he were mentally compiling a list of my foreign friends trying to recall if I’d ever mentioned a Valerio.

A good girlfriend would have stepped in and told him she didn’t know anyone named Valerio, that she actually didn’t have any friends in Italy. But remember I was not in good girlfriend mode so I didn’t do any of that. Instead I got up from my seat and walked away singing an old Italian love song called "Al Di La" which by the way I am clueless as to how I know the lyrics in Italian no less.

“Mia, who the hell is Valerio?” he asked again but instead of responding in good girlfriend mode I began to sing louder stopping only to wink at him just before I closed the door behind me.


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