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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Clothing To Raise a Droopy Butt

Someone recently visited this blog in search of a tip for “clothing to raise a droopy butt”. Funny thing is I actually have personal knowledge in this area. Go figure.

A certain relative of mines had a gastric by pass a few years ago. Between you and me she didn’t need to go that route. At 5 ft 10 she was curvy and voluptuous she had a fantastic figure. I would’ve eaten a bowl full of worms for a body like hers. However she had some self-esteem issues related to her body. She found a doctor willing to do the surgery and wham bam there went her slamming body but she’s happy with her body now so in the end (no pun intended) it worked out for her. The only drawback to the surgery was that her once firm butt became a thing of the past. In an effort to give her rear a much needed boost she started experimenting with different types of underwear and clothing. She says that the brand “Love Pats” panties gives a much needed boost. These days however you have to hunt the brand down but I’m assured that wearing spandex /lycra biker shorts under your clothing also gives a boost as well.

I don’t know how comfortable that is but look the butt is a muscle right? Yeah it is so if you want to fix a droopy butt the best solution would be to exercise it. Here’s a tip from me to you. I’ll tell you what helps me keep the butt firm. Music, specifically Jim Carrey’s version of “Cuban Pete”, hit the music and flex your butt in time to the music. After a little practice you’ll be able to flex each individual cheek in time to the music. It’s also great entertainment. My mom and Aunt Nora are constantly begging me to in their words “Cuban Pete” for them.

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