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Tuesday, September 09, 2008


My sister was the first to spot it and ran from the room screaming like a banshee, she has a tendency to be overly dramatic. My brother just circled the dam thing studying it from a distance. “Ew, what the hell is that?” I said as ‘the take me to your leader’ alien looking bug crawled across our living room floor.

My family lives in a densely tree populated neighborhood close by the river. We have all sorts of shrubbery, and flowers growing around here, it’s a regular cornucopia of floral scents and colors. As a result of all of this lush greenery we get all sorts of insects flying and otherwise passing through my house. Our neighborhood is an entomologist’s idea of heaven. “What’s what?” my father asked as he entered the room. “That. What kind of bug is that?” I asked pointing to the bug that had just reached the center of the living room. My father approached the insect and promptly stomped on it with his heavy boot. “Dead.” My father is a man of few words.


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