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Monday, December 17, 2007

And So The Search Continues...

My parents have been house hunting and everyone has an opinion as to where we should move to. Dad’s flexible and mom wants to remain in The Bronx because my grandfather lives only 20 minutes away from us and she doesn’t want to be far from him or as she put it to my uncle Hassan when kept nagging her about moving to Brooklyn near him and my Aunt Nora, “If my dad wants to stop in for a meal or just to talk I don’t want him to have to get on a highway and fight traffic to get to me.”

The problem is we have yet to find a house big enough for all of us in The Bronx in an area my parents like. All of the homes ma’s liked are out of town. She got a listing yesterday with a photo of the house. It was perfect for us and in a small town I am really fond of. The town has that 1950’s apple pie feel to it. Unfortunately my ex boyfriend’s grandmother lives there and last I heard so was he. This would be the ex that my mother refers to as “He Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned.” The time spent with him was a learning experience I never want to repeat. After our break up he would call me occasionally when he was troubled just to talk and other times just to fill me in on who he was dating. Even though I had made it clear to him from the get that there would never be reconciliation between us I never felt comfortable telling him that I was seeing someone. I thought he clearly understood that, I was wrong. A couple of months ago he called wanting to fix me up with a friend of his or so he claimed. I figured okay if he wants to fix me up with a friend of his then he must have moved on and now it’s okay to tell him about my BF. Man oh man was I wrong! He told me off, called me every name in the book and even invented a few of his own. Whoa baby he was vile. I can only imagine what he would have said if I had told him I was actually engaged. I shudder to think. Yikes! Luckily he took what I said to heart and never called me again.

Anyway so it turns out that the house my mom wanted to purchase was actually in the town he was living in. “Oh man Mia this is perfect! I love it! Check out the picture!” I looked at the photo, “That’s nice ma and the town is wonderful! He Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned lives there.” “Oh shit Mia.” “What ma?” “I wonder if the house comes with an order of protection?” she asked and then went into a routine about us not being able to live there because the ex was vindictive enough to show up at our house in the middle of the night and pelt us with rocks. We looked at each other and started laughing and then got we got real quiet. I could tell we each had crazy ex bf scenarios running through our heads. Scenarios that the ex is quite capable of if he knew I was in the vicinity… and so the search continues...

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