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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Never underestimate the Boriqua chick or the rhythm embedded in her DNA

I tend to surprise the heck out of people and no it’s not because I hide in dark corners and jump out at them. I surprise people because they have a tendency to underestimate me, especially on the dance floor. People never seem to get the fact that music is my God, my religion. The dance floor is my church and dancing is my spiritual release.

I’m in a Latin club geared to the 30 and up crowd on the floor dancing with a friend when a guy cuts in. The three of us do some salsa, meringue, and even a little bachata. All is good then the DJ throws on some old school free style music. My friend gets off the dance floor because she knows this is all me. I grew up on freestyle. The music is pumping; the DJ is playing a classic,“Maria”. It is time for some serious dancing now. The best way I can describe what freestyle dancing for those unfamiliar with it is that it's a form of hip hop dancing born back in the days when my folks were teens.

I’m guessing that back in his day this was my partner's genre. This song was his jam and he kicked major ass on the floor when it came on. Judging from the look on his face and his body language school was officially in session and he saw himself as the teacher and me as the pupil. He threw some fancy moves my way and I repeated them adding some of my own to the mix. A smile slowly crossed his face as he realized that I knew how to freestyle. He shook his head realizing it wasn't not going to be so easy to impress me on the dance floor. My moves had revealed that I was on equal footing with my so called teacher. It wasn't about teaching now it was about pride... his.

He threw down the challenge and it was on. A crowd gathered around us calling out their encouragement as our steps got more and more complicated each of us trying to out do the other. Step vs step we battle it out our feet moving in a frantic frenzy arms and bodies twisted in ways I’m sure neither God nor evolution had ever intended. At one point he stepped back to watch me dance. He shook his head in disbelief, he jumped in and threw a few more steps my way this time thrusting his chest into mine. I thrust back and do a spin bringing it down to the floor with one hand behind my back. I quickly pop up and shaking my hips end up an inch from his face. I then threw him the coup de grâce; I dusted my shoulders off smiled and gave him a wink. He laughed and finally threw his hands in the air he gave up. He conceded he couldn't keep up with me and sure as hell couldn't beat me. Before leaving the dance floor he bowed to me and kissed my hand. The crowd exploded with applause. Never under estimate the Boriqua chick or the rhythm embedded in her DNA.

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